Jeremy Corman

A couple of years ago, Jeremy spent some time in the startup world of Los Angeles. Its entrepreneurial spirit immediately inspired him to start his own businesses as soon as he came back to Belgium. Jeremy is the co-founder of Café Numérique (a growing tech community in cities such as Brussels, Paris, New York City, London, Kinshasa,...) and the web agency The Bocal. He now focuses on developing growth strategies for early-stage projects (eg.: Auctelia, Lampiris,...). In 2016, he launched the Digital Marketing Canvas, an adaptation of the famous Business Model Canvas.

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The Digital Marketing Canvas (English session)

The Digital Marketing Canvas is a tool for co-creation and a practical guide to develop strategies that accelerate business growth. It teaches you how marketing fundamentals and online customer life cycles work together. (Session in English)

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Co-founder - Café Numérique & The Bocal