Jamie Butterworth

Jamie is a partner at Circularity Capital and the former CEO of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, a global hub for circular economy innovation. Jamie has developed a deep understanding of how the circular economy drives value, working with a number of the world’s leading brands to support them in successfully deploying circular business models.

Jamie has also been instrumental in developing and launching the Circular Economy 100, a platform for multinationals, SMEs, academic institutions and municipalities to capture the commercial opportunities of the circular economy. Jamie has a proven track-record in building and growing European SMEs both in his role at the Foundation and prior to this at B&G, a leading UK SME and manufacturer of instrumentation and navigation systems.

Jamie is a business fellow of Oxford University’s Smith School and has contributed to a number of forums on the circular economy including at the World Economic Forum and the European Commission Resource Efficiency Platform.

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The Circular Economy: bringing impact investing down to earth

Jamie Butterworth, partner at Circularity Capital, will join participants to explore (the role of finance and investment in) the circular economy. This session will begin with an introduction to Circularity Capital's mission and focus as a specialist investor in the circular economy, followed by an interactive discussion with businesses participants to address their specific questions on the topic of circular economy.

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